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Bob Roth

Bob is a long time adventurer rider always riding the back country and trails he could find, beginning at the age of 8 on a Pw50 his dad had bought him the bikes only grew from there, a 1996 KX65 was the next machine followed by a 2002 RM 125 at the age of 15 while living in Florida at the time attending grade 10. After the Suzuki he had bought a 2007 KX450f, now he rides modern Betas and KTM's in the winter and the summer months.

Bob discovered a passion for snowbiking in 2017, he always wanted to put the track and suspension from his 1996 Formula Z 500 as a teenager under his 2002 RM125. But proving that's a pretty big task he didn't have the tools for or the shop it never happened. Now Bob can buy a variety of kits ready to bolt up to his bike. It's made the new sport of snowbiking an absolutely incredible hobby that he has always dreamt of. Bob managed to get a dozen other riders hooked on snowbiking last year alone (2019) by simply letting them try his Beta backed with a 129" Yeti Snow MX kit, He now has 2 bikes and 3 Yeti snowbike kits to choose from.

Bob attends events year round with Rally Connex, He always loved helping others and it's a great way to meet new friends and still have a great time.

Bob rides all 4 seasons across Canada and also the lower 48 making personal trips with himself or with a dozen other riders to see the diversity this continent has to offer.


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