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MAR 11, 2023


A day of GPS guided full-on Boondocking experience.

Hosted in the beautiful setting of Sue Ste. Marie Ontario Canada. You can expect to ride snow covered valleys with vast open area's and hardwood tree riding while navigating your way through the forest to key play area's on the route. The snow fall in this area is always deep with pillows of white goodness on the top of everything!

The trails and terrain in the area are some of the best Ontario has to offer. Feel confident that Rally Connex has your back on this one. The event is surrounded by non OFSC regulated trail systems. The Boondocking go's on and on and on. The ride will consist of the exact same support level and action during our dirt riding events. Support sweep teams with rescue gear and medical support are on hand at all times. Owning a GPS for this event is not mandatory but it will make exploring much more enjoyable. If you do not have a GPS you will be required to ride with some one who does. GPS rentals are available while supplies last during the registration process. For more info on the exact location of the ride and what you must have for this event read below. See you on the snow!

Your $25 entry fee includes access to our tour guides, support & and lunch.





The event does not include any sort of accommodations but the the Sue Ste. Marie area has plenty of options for accommodations. Winter Camping is available at the start of the event. Please keep in mind that the camping does not include any services and storm conditions could make this option obsolete. Contact Rally Connex for more details.


There is a lunch meal that includes a bowl beef chilly, buns, snacks and hot apple cider. It is recommended that you come prepared with your own trail side snack and drinks during our ride. Alcohol is not permitted during this event.

GPS rentals are available while quantities last. Cost of the rental starts at $25.00 and goes up to $55.00 depending on the GPS you select during online registration. Plus a $100 deposit at time of rental. Deposit will be refunded once the GPS and mounts have been returned and without damage. 1 set of batteries will be included. It is highly recommended that you pack extra batteries to keep the GPS working for the whole day. Cold temperature can limit the batter life greatly. Depot must be made in CASH.



The event start is located within 1 hour north of Sue Ste. Marie. The location of the starting line could change due to winter road conditions. Once registered you will receive an email with full details on the exact area the event will start.



PRICE $25.00 Includes Entry Fee, Guide, Support & Meal.





Other Info
- 2nd Ontario Snow Bike GPS Ride
- Only 20 spots available. Register today!
- Only 1 of 2 winter Rally Connex event in the year! So don't miss out!
- Sign up today before it fills up!

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