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Corduroy trail and dual sport ride


SEPT 25, 26 2021

Come join the Corduroy weekend festivities in Gooderham, Ontario.  This is an opportunity to follow the efforts of the participants competing in the Corduroy Enduro and also having a chance to ride famous race sections like "Green's Mountain, Huntcamp Trail and Waterfall Trail all without the stress of racing. Camping is available anywhere on the grounds and the meals are catered by local volunteer organizations. Feel free to come up on the Thurdsay or Friday to enjoy the festival atmosphere all weekend.

Many motorcycle manufacturers will be on display and hosting Off-Road Demo rides through out Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon. In the past there has been demo rides from KTM, Husqvarna, Beta, Yamaha, TM, Honda & Sherco.

Rider Registration at the the Gooderham Community centre from 6pm to 8:30pm. GPS Seminar at 8pm at the Rally Connex tents. Come and enjoy the activities the Corduroy Enduro hosts on the Friday night. 






The Saturday trail ride will be approx. 140 km of back roads and trails and will start at 10am. Be ready to Ride at 9:45AM outside the Rally Connex Area. This is an aggressive ride and all bikes need to be green or blue plate legal and equipped with aggressive tires. As with all trail rides this terrain is considered to be from a level 3-5 on the difficulty scale.  The enduro will spend more time in the 5 then we will.  The course is laid out with multiple coloured arrows or you can have it loaded on to your GPS. ( You do not have to have a GPS to ride this event) If you would like to rent a GPS for the ride, please register early and contact us by email.  Rentals are given out on a first come first served basis. As with all Rally Connex rides, there will be sweep riders and support staff to follow and assist if required.  A pre arranged gas stop with gas truck will be available. Please bring a properly sealed fuel container with enough fuel to support over 60km.

There will be an enduro cross special test at the start/finish area at the back of the Community Centre grounds.  Many unusual objects and obstacles within the course will challenge the competitors. Pro class riders will compete at the end of day 1 & 2, five riders at a time, for four laps. Expert class riders will compete under the same format at the end of Day 2. All classes will do 1 timed lap of the Endurocross course half way through Saturday’s ride.  This is an excellent spectator spot that cannot be missed. If you think you got what it takes to ride the Enduro Cross Corse... Then GO FOR IT!!!!! after the racers compete on the tract the corse is open for the trail riders to try out. You will not be timed and there is no pressure to finish the track in any rush. Feel free to ride at your own pace. 

In addition to the Vintage Class in the enduro, there will be a Vintage Enduro Bike Show &  Shine.  Awards will be presented at Saturday’s dinner.   Bikes must be on display Saturday afternoon at the start/finish area.  There are no fees to enter the Show & Shine.  There will also be a tire change contest on Saturday night.   A set of tires will be awarded to the fastest Pro rider and the fastest Amateur rider. Participation is optional.


The Sunday tour is the tour to take if you want to see some extraordinary spectator points of the Corduroy enduro competition.  You will also have the chance to brave the infamous tunnel of love. 

At approximately 180 km in length, this tour will follow the enduro throughout the day. Be Ready to Ride at 9am Out side the Rally Connex Tent. We will actually be riding some of the route (limited sections) along with the competitors. You will also have the chance to ride some of the difficult sections if you choose (proper bike setup and skills required).  We will leave Sunday morning, just ahead of the enduro competitors.  We have to get ahead of the enduro riders so that we have a good viewing spot at the first special test area.  We will then be leaping ahead of the riders to get to the next spectator area before they come out of the woods at the next special test. 

Don't forget to purchase meal tickets ahead of time if you can! It helps us have enough for everyone. No meal included with registration this year. We will be selling them at the community centre as well! Regards....your catering team!

Event Date: Sept 25, 26. 2021

Pricing & registration please visit the Corduroy Enduro web page


Other Info

- The Corduroy Enduro is labled Canada's Toughest Race!!!
- Find out why in the comfort of a trail ride pace!
- Trail Ride is arrowed or GPS Guided.
- Dualsport / ADV Tour is GPS Guided.