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eastern Ontario Adventure Rally


JUNE 2, 3, 4. 2023

Eastern Ontario Adventure Rally

The Eastern Ontario Adventure Rally is returning to Calabogie for 2023. As before, the rally is open to all types of Adventure, Dualsport and on-road motorcycles. The rally has 4 different types of routes to choose from. Calabogie Peaks Resort is our home base for the weekend, with excellent accommodations, facilities, food, and activities. The trail and road network in the Calabogie area is the best Eastern Ontario has to offer. Rally Connex has spent an endless amount of time pre-riding this event and we have what you're looking for to make a world class ADV rally event. Return after the ride and enjoy a BBQ meal in an active and fun environment with music, bonfires, private bar, and prizes to be won from our supporting sponsors, Seminars, interviews with famous riders and much much more. Meals and accommodations are not included in your event fee. Read below for more info on meal plans and accommodations for purchase.

Rally Details
The festivities start on the Friday afternoon with registration at the Calabogie Peaks Resort (Ski Hill). Off road classes are available for purchase. Lee Martin, KTM Canada Adventure Ambassador will be hosting an Off Road ADV course covering many topics and techniques that will help you not only enhance your off road riding skills but get you warmed up and ready for the weekend's ride. The class will be limited to 10 students at a discounted event rate of $150.00 per student. Spots fill up fast so don't wait to sign up online when you register for the event. Later in the day will be the rider's meetings, demonstrations and seminars from our sponsors and Team Rally Connex riders. To finish the night off, a bonfire behind the resort to enjoy.

Saturday morning the Rally starts right out of the Calabogie Peaks resorts and heads out in multiple directions based on what kind of ride you are looking for. We have 4 different routes to choose from when you register online. All four routes will take you a better part of the day to complete. (See details below on the route selections). All routes will take you past fuel stops and and places to stop and eat. Your GPS and route sheet will guide you through some great places along the way to stop and take in the true beauty of Eastern Ontario. All routes have been pre determined for a successful ride. No dead ends, no gates, no hassle! The Off-road and Gravel road routes will be swept by Team Rally Connex riders and rescue vehicles will be on hand to make sure you and your bike make it back to the starting line. Pavement route will be un-swept but support will be standing by.

Upon return of your ride, Rally Connex has booked off the entire bar / restaurant at the Calabogie Ski hill. The Black Donald (name of bar) has a great selection of after ride beverages with a great atmosphere for hanging out and enjoying the scenery the Calabogie Peaks Ski hill has to offer. Our event dinner and prize giveaway will be held as well in the Black Donald plus many more activities. See below for more details. You will be able to purchase a dinner meal plan if you like during our online registration process. The dinner will be a BBQ Buffet starting at 7:30pm and then followed by our awards presentations, talks from our presenters and some DJ party music to end off the night.


OFF ROAD 1 and 2
The off road route is a main loop designed for the avid off road adventure bike rider that doesn't mind getting dirty. During this ride you can expect paved roads, gravel roads, road allowances, jeep trail, two track trails, loose rock, rocky rivers with flowing water, small hill climbs and descents, muddy passes and some water holes. Don't let this scare you. We take great pride in providing an off road experience that will be enjoyable for all riders who are looking for a fun and safe off-road experience. Some sections of this ride require a permit to be in those areas. This permit is included in your registration fee and must be with you at all times during the ride.

Now with that said, if you're looking to get your hardcore off-road game on you will be given options throughout that route to break off into more aggressive terrain to overcome. Some of the more aggressive terrain will be technical single track trails, drop offs & step ups, large rocky terrain, water crossings, multiple downed trees on the trail and bushwhacking. These options are designed for the very aggressive off-road rider in mind. With these options we consider the off-road routes as 2 separate rides.


This route is exactly how it sounds. A full day's worth of the best twisty and scenic gravel and paved roads Eastern Ontario has to offer. Some gravel road sections will be unmaintained roads with very little difficulty to overcome. Any 50/50 Adventure bike tire will take you through these sections with ease. With that said, if the weather turns bad during the ride some areas can become slippery. Ride with caution! The outlook spots and photogenic areas are breathtaking. Some sections of this ride require a permit to be in those areas. This permit is included in your registration fee and must be with you at all times during the ride.

During this ride you will be given the option to extend your ride with an optional longer distance route if you wish to take it. The additional route will be the same type of riding as the main route but just more of it.

This route is for riders on all makes of motorcycles to enjoy. A full day's worth of the best twisty and scenic paved roads Eastern Ontario has to offer. The outlook spots and photogenic areas are breathtaking.

During this ride you will be given the option to extend your ride with an optional longer distance route if you wish to take it. The additional route will be the same type of riding as the main route but just more of it.



Register for an off-road class with KTM Canada's Adventure Ambassador, Lee Martin. This private class will be held right at the starting location of the EOAR. This class will help you with better control over your motorcycle in off-road riding conditions and gravel road cornering and stability. This is a perfect way to get yourself ready for the terrain on Saturday! The class is from 10am to 4:30pm. The special price for this class is $125 and is only open to 10 riders. This special price point is only open to riders attending the event. This option is available to choose durring the online registration process. If you are already registered please feel to contact us to book your spot in this class.

Class event discounted price $125.00 Per student
10am to 4:30pm class time.


Register for a GPS seminar hosted by the Rally Connex. We have been hosting GPS guided rides now for a few years and now they are also on team Rally Connex! We will show you the ropes when it comes to using your GPS during the EOAR. Make sure you're all setup to navigate the event efficiently and take you on a quick demo ride to show you first hand the way we do things here at Rally Connex.

Class is free of charge.

7pm to 8:30pm class time


For everyone that enters the event you will receive a door prize ticket and we will be drawing prizes all throughout the evening's festivities. Our sponsors supply an amazing assortment of prizes to be won. More details on the prizes will be posted on our Rally Connex Facebook Page.

The EOAR is based out of the Calabogie Peaks Resort. (The Ski Hill Lodge). We recommend staying at this resort for your convenience. However, it is not mandatory you stay at this resort. Calabogie houses many other accommodations and camping areas to stay at. There is no camping available at the Calabogie Peaks resort. To see a listing of other accommodations we recommend using Google.

TOLL FREE:1-800-669-4861 | LOCAL: 613-752-2720 | FAX: 1-877-533-5170 | EMAIL: PEAKS@CALABOGIE.COM

All reservations are through the resort. You can not book your rooms though Rally Connex


The meal plan includes a BBQ Dinner on the Saturday Night after the ride. It will be held at The Calabogie Peaks Resort in the Black Donald Bar and Lounge upstairs in the main Ski Lodge building. Meal plan is $39.95 plus tax. Dinner will consist of: 4oz Striploin Steak, BBQ Rubbed Chicken Breast, Potato Salad, Green Salad, Dinner Rolls & Butter and Assorted Squares. You can select this meal plan during the online registration process. Meal plans will not be avaible for purchase at the resort. .


EVENT DATE: JUNE 2, 3, 4. 2023

Ride Cost is $155.00

Registration opens March 2023


Other Info
-All new location and ride!
-Calabogie Peaks Resort is located 90 minutes west of Ottawa.
-Dr Cool rides with us all. RIP
-Sponsored by DualSport Plus