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General Information about Rally Connex Adventure Tours

General Tour Info

Rally Connex operates its tours mainly in southern Ontario, Canada. Every ride is different from the last and the start locations, for the most part, are different too. This allows everyone to expand their horizons, and visit areas that they may not normally visit. A typical day can range from 200 to 300 km in length, depending on the difficulty of the given terrain. There are single and multi-day tours, plus off-road training days to choose from. The line-up of events is different every year.

All Rally Connex tours are GPS navigated. This, however, does not make it mandatory that you have a GPS. We do have a few rental units available so that you can try it out. Please let us know a month in advance, if you wish to reserve a GPS. Otherwise it is first come first serve, and we usually rent them all out. Alternatively, you can buddy up with someone who does have a GPS..

Each rider must show proof a valid motorcycle license (partial or complete), bike ownership and proof of insurance. It is recommended that each rider have proper riding apparel, such as: DOT helmet, upper body armor, elbow guards, gloves, riding pants with hip and tail bone padding, knee/shin guards, and riding boots that provide support and protection up to the shin-guards.

Motorcycles should be well maintained and fit for long days of worry free riding. All bikes must be street legal and quiet. No loud (>96dBa) aftermarket exhausts will be tolerated. Aggressive DOT knobby tires are mandatory for all those participating in "aggressive" routes. For "stock tire" routes we recommend semi-knobby tires that are good for pavement, gravel, and the occasional muddy areas.

Rally Connex is sponsored by KTM but you do not need one in order to participate. All brands and sizes of dual sport bikes are welcome.

GPS units must be capable of accepting new routes. Some new automotive style units will not accept outside routing and waypoints. Check carefully before buying. Auto routing units should have this option turned off, so that your unit does not re-invent a route if you miss a turn. Brief instructions will be provided at the beginning of each ride; however it is best if the owner is familiar with their GPS’s functions before attending.

The GPS Adventure Ride Series uses public off-highway roads. The events will be routed on good gravel roads, not so good gravel roads, two track (once upon a time) gravel roads and road allowances or right-of-ways that someday might be gravel roads, forest access roads, logging roads and fire lanes. Some of the roads we are using have grown in to a width of 6 feet but is still road. There will be some abandoned rail beds and paved roads to hook everything up. Limited single-track trails available.

These rides are designed to be ridden on most 400cc - 950cc Dual Sport bikes. Street legal trail bikes are welcome and will handle the more difficult portions of the course with ease but the road sections will stretch the endurance of riders and the fuel range capabilities of stock fuel tanks. Typically, your bike should be able to go more than 120km between fills.

Most rides have routes specifically designed for aggressive tire bikes and also offer routes for those who have stock (less aggressive) tires. We've got your type of riding covered no matter what Adventure bike you ride! Please let us know if you are not comfortable on loose soil conditions and we’ll send you on an easier route.

Off highway routes have been laid out over public roads and allowances throughout Ontario and Quebec using KTM Adventure Dual Sport Motorcycles, Garmin GPS receivers and TTQV software. The routes were then compiled and configured in a 30 waypoint per route format compatible with most GPS units. The routes will be uploaded to your GPS of choice using TTQV® software before the start of each event.

Keep in mind "this is not a race" will be preached before all rides, in order to preserve customer and public safety.

All routes are "proof" ridden many times in advance, in order to assure their readability due to changing conditions. During each event, a set of "sweep" riders will follow each route, aggressive and stock tire. They are available to provide assistance if required. A chase vehicle, carrying tools and bike transport, will also patrol near the route, and can also be called upon for assistance.

A prize table of generous gifts is available at every event, courtesy of our many enthusiastic sponsors. Please return the favor and support our supporters. Their generosity is key to our ability to provide the level of service you deserve.