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James Simzer

James began riding at an early age in a 150 acre maple forest.  The forest had many old cut trails from the annual harvesting of sap.  Add a clay pit and some ponds and you have an off-road haven for all the neighbourhood kids to enjoy.  His first bike was not ideally equipped for off road riding but you would be amazed what you can do with a Honda 65, a set of knobby tires, and a keen interest.  After a few years of beating that poor bike up and a whole lot of mechanical experience he graduated to a Yamaha DT 100.

James’s riding did not stop at off-road.  His father owned several Honda interstate’s and a Suzuki Calvalcade which they road together to dirt track stock car races in eastern Ontario and upper New York State.  When James turned 16 he graduated from off-road riding to borrowing his Dad’s Honda Interstate.  One of his fondest memories was the day he got his license; riding the interstate the examiner laughed as the floorboards on the bike scraped the ground through the pylons. 

Work, travel, family and a transfer to Toronto saw James taking a short 15 year hiatus from riding.  During a fall school trip to Ganaraska forest in 2012 as a parent volunteer with his oldest daughter he discovered the off-road trail system available in Durham.  By the spring of the following year he had a bike in the garage and was ready to ride.

James now owns adventure, enduro and trials bikes.  He is an active member of the off-road community serving as a board member with the OFTR, enjoys racing and trials riding for fun.  Over the past couple of years James has been seen both participating and helping out in Rally Connex adventures.

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