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Kevin Burnett

Kevin Burnett

Kevin is an experienced rider all sizes of bikes, preferring those that are off-road worthy. Riding since 1979. Trail riding, motocross and road riding during the school years, then moving into Enduro competition in the late 80s and 90s. With a preference for open class bikes, attained 2 Ontario Provincial Championships and one Canadian National Enduro Championship.

Through the years, exploring, camping, and volunteering with various Ontario off-road motorcycle clubs have allowed him to appreciate the non-competitive aspects of off-road motorcycling. When RallyConnex was formed in 1999 Kevin found his calling. A chance to ride with like minded adventurous types in a non-competitive environment, from single to multi-day events, with the occasional epic trip thrown in.

Although most RC events are in Ontario, many trips to BC, West Virginia and even Colorado and Alaska have also helped to keep the adventurous spirit alive. He has surrounded himself with a great team of enthusiastic riders from various backgrounds to provide the customers with all the help they will need and provide a safe yet challenging experience at each RallyConnex event.

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