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Paul Wright

Paul is our second edition to ATV support with Rally Connex. Working side by side with our sweep riders, Paul adds crutial support needed to be sure all types and sizes of bikes get the support they need out in the bush.

Paul started riding early on but never had his own bike. He started out with a home made go cart which was made in high school shop class. It wasn’t much to look at but it went fast.

In his thirties he made another go cart out of a perfectly good 700 Artic Cat snowmobile. Good idea? Who knows. It did go 100 miles an hour. After several close calls it went away to go cart heaven.

Paul moved to ATV’s and his first one was a beat up 1988 Yamaha Banshee. Go fast or go home. Again after several close calls (and an aging body) Paul figured to slow own a bit and went to a 2008 Polaris Scrambler 500. He learned to love the mud and trail riding. There are not alot of trail systems in south western ontario so riding is somewhat limited. Paul met us guys at Rally Connex in 2014 through fellow RC team memmber and brother Kevin Wright. It was alot of fun Paul is able to ride places he would never otherwise ride. "They are an amazing group of people.  Incredible adventures await i am sure".

Paul now rides a 2014 Polaris Scrambler 850HO. Amazing tough fast machine.

Paul is a millwright doing sales and consulting for an industrial crane manufacturer and service company. He has been in this field for 18 years now. Paul also does woodworking, renovating and ATV restoring on the side to fill his time. Paul also spends as much time with his grandson as possible. He may only be 2 but he WILL have his own bike this year!

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