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The ultimate Snowbike experience. Select from multiple dates that contain an exciting full-on Powder Hound Boondocking experience with Pro level tour guides.

Hosted in the beautiful town of Wawa Ontario Canada, these tours start and return out of Jones Powersports. Each day the shuttle bus takes you with your rented Snowbike to multiple locations in the Wawa area. Deep snow with various conditions are sure to please even the best "Boondockers" around. The snow fall in this area rivals the type of depth that we see in the mountains of western Canada. Never ending terrain that you couldn't track out even if you where riding for over a week straight. Rally Connex has been riding and scouting this area for over 5 years and we still continue to find new and exciting places to Snowbike up in this area. So let us take you on your ultimate winter adventure.



You can choose from either a 2 day tour, 3 day tour in the month of February.
(Note: One of the 3 day tours is durring the Wawa Snow Down Event. Same great tours but a larger group. More Snowbikes = More Fun! There are very limited spots available for these tours.)

2 Day Tour Dates:
Feb 6, 7 / 2019
Feb 12, 13 / 2019
3 Day Tour Dates:
Feb 8, 9, 10 / 2019
3 Day Tour Dates SNOW DOWN:
Feb 15, 16, 17 / 2019

The Snow bikes we use are supplied directly from Beta Motorcycles Canada. They come fully setup and accessorized for any winter conditions mother nature can throw at it. Every day you will be open to a vast selection of Beta Snowbikes to choose from. 2 stroke and 4 stroke models available. You will be asessed upon your arrival as to what Snowbike is best suited for you based on rider ability and size. All Snowbikes will be outfitted with: heated grips, large foot pegs, comfy Seat Concepts designed seats, thermostats, GPS, spare fuel storage and some luggage space. Camso DTS129 snow bike kits will be used.


Yes you can totally join in on the tours at a discounted price. However, Snowbike transport, heated storage, and supplied Snowbike fuel will not be available to you during your stay. When you register online simply select the option "I have my own Snowbike" These numbers are also very limited. We don't want to have too large of a group during these elite tours. If you have your own Snowbike and are up for an epic Snowbike ride you may want to consider entering the Wawa Snow Down or Cabin Fever events.


Tours last roughly 5 to 6 hours each day. Every morning at 8:00am our shuttle bus will pick you up from the Wawa Motor Inn and take you to Jones Powersports to pick up the Snowbikes and purchase any last minute items you may want. We then head out to one of our many "Top Secret Boondocking Locations" where our expert tour guides will lead you to the most ideal conditions.

We will all work as a team to unload the bikes from our heated trailer and go over a quick briefing of the days ride and terrain. We will use Garmin GPS to navigate our way around. As a group we will travel to key locations and drop a "return to" waypoint. After that you have the freedom to go where you please within a specified distance and time period. Once the entire group returns to the dropped waypoint we will again move on to another section of the forest to continue tearing up some pow! Times out will greatly depend on weather conditions. The Wawa area can get very cold at times and have vicious winter storms. This normally has never stopped us from heading out so please don't be that one person that wasn't prepared for the winter conditions.

A small lunch is provided with your entry fee which includes a soup, snacks and water. We kindly ask that you bring your own thermos to transport your daily soup in. Think about keeping your water from freezing as well. Bikes will be returned every day to Jones Powersports for servicing and re-fueling for the next day. Shuttle will drop you off back at the Wawa Motor Inn and apree beverages can be enjoyed. There will be no consumption of alcohol at any time while out on tour.


Rally Connex and our team of riders are always ready for the unknown. We are equipped with GPS Rescue communicators and First Aid Kits. If anything happens we are ready to assist and get you to safety as quickly and safely as possible. Always riding with a buddy system will also be in full effect. 2 way radios will be distributed to each rider for search and rescue communication. Rescue Snowmobiles with toboggans are always on hand for both person and Snowbike rescue needs.


All operators must be a minimum of 19 years of age. you must possess a valid Driver's License (minimum G2). ​ 

All operators must sign our rental agreement and waiver of liability. ​ 

All operators shall wear a DOT approved helmet and appropriate winter Snow Bike clothing during operation. 

Prices are subject to 13% sales tax 
US prices are approximate and will vary due to current exchange rate. ​ 

Deposit Policy of $3000.00 is required on all rentals with a major credit card. ​  In the event there is damage to the Snowbike during the rental period, Your $3000 credit card security deposit will be applied to the repairs and including lost rental time.  

If there is no damage this amount will be credited back to the provided credit card upon return of the undamaged Snowbike. ​ 

Rental includes: 
Full tank of fuel and oil every day of your tours. 
Unlimited Kilometers 
Insurance coverage of $1,000,000.00 Liability as required by law.

Cancellations over 14 days are will be refunded minus 25% (Registration however can be transferred to another person with no charge) 

Cancellations within 14 days are non refundable. (Registration however can be transferred to another person with no charge)
Bad Weather/Road Closure cancellations only at RALLY CONNEX discretion.

I understand and agree on behalf of myself, my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, that participation in a Rally Connex event constitutes:      

An unqualified assumption by me of all risks associated with my participation in the event even if arising from the negligence, including any compounding of injuries caused by negligent rescue operation or procedures, of Rally Connex and their representatives, and  any persons associated therewith participating in the event;     

A full and final release and waiver of liability and all claims that I have, or may in the future have against Rally Connex and their representatives, and any persons associated therewith participating in the event.      

The route/waypoints that have been uploaded into the GPS receiver I am operating for this event are the result of many hours of hard work by the organizers.  These routes are supplied for my use only and only for the scheduled day(s) of the event.  They are not to be transmitted electronically or by any other means that would make them available to the general public 

Not distributing the routes, waypoints, or track files of this event is a condition of my entry in said event.

If I choose to use the GPS receiver in or on a vehicle, it is my sole responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner, maintain full surveillance of all driving conditions at all times, and never become distracted by the GPS receiver to the exclusion of safe operating practices.       

It is unsafe to operate a GPS receiver while driving.  Failure by the operator of a vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, to pay full attention to operating the vehicle and to road/trail conditions while the vehicle is in motion, could result in an accident or collision with property damage and personal injury and even death.

Accommodations & Restaurants are available but are not included in your entry fee for these tours. See more information below about accommodations and food. DON'T WAIT TILL LAST MINUTE TO BOOK YOUR LODGING. THE WAWA MOTOR INN SELLS OUT QUICKLY!

Wawa Motor Inn located in Wawa Ontario Canada. Accommodations ranging from rooms big and small. Log cabins with an occupancy of 4 or more adults are available and are a much better deal than a private room booking. Also other arrangements like single/double hotel rooms can be made by contacting The Wawa Motor Inn. Rally Connex and our customers for these tours have a special corporate pricing availible simply ask for Ron Oulette and he will get you sorted out. Continental Hot breakfast is included in your stay:


Your trail side lunch is provided in your entry fee which includes a soup, snacks and water. All other meals can be purchased at the Wawa Motor Inn in there fireside dinning room and lounge. The dining room specializes in Canadian cuisine, offering a full-course menu. If you are relaxing in the lounge, a variety of imported and domestic spirits can be enjoyed with appetizing lounge snacks from the kitchen. For more information about the restaurant and lounge Click Here. Cabins rented have full working kitchens if you decide to make your own meals.

The Wawa Motor Inn is situated 1.8 km off Highway 17 in the beautiful Northern community of Wawa, Ontario. If you are entering the community via Highway 101 North, turn left at the intersection of Broadway Avenue and Mission Road. The Wawa Motor Inn is located approximately 1 km down Mission Road on the right-hand side. (You can't miss us...we have the bright red tin roof with a Wawa Goose perched on top!)




2 Day Tour Price $1100.00
(Before taxes and service fee's)

3 Day Tour Price $1650.00
(Before taxes and service fee's)





Other Info
- The Only Snow Bike Tours in central Canada.
- Only 18 spots available. Call Today!
- Only 1 of 4 winter Rally Connex events in the year! So don't miss out!
- Sign up today before it fills up!

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